SmartCarry® Valuables Concealed Carry Holster, pickpocket-proof

  • $65.00

Same as the Single Conceal Pocket/Mag Pocket Holster but with an extra rear pocket for valuables such as cash, concealed weapons permit and/or your phone. The “valuables Pocket”, as we call it, is a flat pocket that covers the entire back of the holster and consists of only two layers of polyurethane lined Rip-stop so as not to add much bulk to the holster but still keep your valuables and firearm dry and sweat free! It’s especially great for taking a walk or going for a run and keeping your hands free and pockets empty.

All of our holsters are sweat-proof, snag-free and built for comfort. They come with a water-proof backing, durable denim in multiple colors and a new and improved strong elastic and Velcro® strapping. We hand make and customize each holster to fit your firearm and your body. Whether you're a righty or a lefty, we've got you covered there, too.


Please measure around your hips about an inch or two below your waistband, just above the buttocks. Our holsters are meant to be worn below your waist, so your hip measurement is what will determine your waistband size. It is common for the hip measurement to be a few inches larger than one's pant size.

Note: This product is made to order based on your individual specifications. Please allow 1 week for production.

Custom Sizes:
(waist circumferences 44" to 51", 
52" to 58", 59" to 71", 59" to 71")


Most under barrel lasers/lights require a larger holster pocket, which you can order for an extra $5.00. On-grip lasers as well as many of the Crimson Trace lasers do NOT require this option. If you are not sure if you need this option, please contact us.

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