SmartCarry® Single Pocket Concealed Carry Holster

  • $60.00

A single pocket is often all you need. It is the smallest and lightest concealed carry holster we have for a given firearm size.

Sweat-proof, snag-free and built for comfort, it comes with a Cushmax® backing, durable denim and strong elastic and Velcro® strapping. From the Ruger LCP to the full-size 1911, SmartCarry® holsters come in four different sizes for all practical concealed carry firearm makes and models. Available in left or right hand models with six different strapping lengths.

Note: This product is made to order based on your individual specifications. Please allow 1 week for production.

Strapping Length Note: Waist sizes will work for men but women should enter their hip circumference around the widest point, because of the difference in waist and hip ratios between men and women. Hip circumference is the preferred measurement for women.

Custom Sizes:
(waist circumferences 44" to 51", 
52" to 58", 59" to 71", 59" to 71")

SmartCarry® Instructions