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What is Plea For Justice about?

Jackie Siegel and Aaron Slater were an odd pair in high school. He was the popular jock and she was the introverted geek, but their friendship endured until graduation, when he suddenly dumped her with no explanation. Ten years later, Aaron is arrested for one of the most notorious murders in recent history. Labeled by the media as “The Snapchat Killer,” he is accused of posting videos of a college student before brutally murdering her. Rather than standing trial, Aaron takes a plea deal and is sent to prison. He reaches out to Jackie, who is now a paralegal, and begs for her help, proclaiming his innocence. Jackie is drawn into the case and the opportunity to reconnect with her estranged friend, yet the conflicting evidence and bizarre clues leave her wondering if she is helping an innocent man or being played for a fool. It wouldn’t be the first time.