SmartCarry® Instructions

SmartCarry® Holster Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of SmartCarry®, the Invisible Holster! With a patented snag-free front panel and a 100% sweat proof rear panel, your expensive firearm will not rust, snag or sag . Caution: follow the instructions below for safe, efficient use of your firearm in this holster. Take your time in mastering holstering and drawing your firearm! With practice your SmartCarry® holster will provide years of earned confidence and security.

WARNING! If so equipped, make sure your firearm's safety is fully engaged and in perfect working order. Never holster a firearm with your finger on or near the trigger, keep your finger straight. Always practice with your firearm unloaded.

Put on your underclothing, shirt, or blouse. Place the holster pouch on the front center of your body and bring the straps around your hips, below your waist and around the top of your hipbones, making sure you stretch the elastic for a firm fit. The tighter the better for comfort and performance. Correct fit is with the entire trigger guard inside the firearm pocket, everything above the trigger guard is out of the pocket and above it. Please note that
SmartCarry® is not going to work like it should, or be completely comfortable if you try to wear it too high on your body. The strapping must be around your hips, not your waist, and the holster must be in front of you. A good tip is to put the seam that separates the firearm and tactical reload pocket on the center line of your body.

1. With the thumb of your non-dominant (non-gun) hand reach inside your waistband and insert the tip of your thumb into the firearm pocket of your holster.
2. Pull the front panel of the holster (and your lower garment) away from your body with the tip of your thumb still in the firearm pocket.
3. Grasping the grip
only of your firearm slide the muzzle behind your thumb and into the firearm pocket of your holster. The firearm should be in a vertical position with the grip located at the top of your dominant side pocket.

DRAWING YOUR FIREARM: Anything worth doing, is worth practicing consistently.

1. Using the thumb of your non-dominant (non-gun) hand, pull your belt and waistband away from your body and reach inside with the thumb and fingers of your dominant (gun) hand.
2. Grasping the grip only, pull the firearm up and out of the holster.
3. Once it has cleared the top of your waistband, flip your wrist up and the firearm will rotate up into your hand, in a firing position. With consistent practice (firearm unloaded!), you'll develop the muscle memory for a quick and natural draw. Maintain your skills with maintenance practice.

WEARING TIPS: Wear any type of clothing, any activity, and the very best in concealment! To prevent the strapping from riding up and showing above your belt line in the rear, put on SmartCarry® in the normal manner, over the top of all clothing that will tuck into your lower outer garment (trousers, shorts, slacks, skirt, etc.), then pull up the shirt tail of the last garment that tucks in (normally your shirt, blouse) and let it hang over the strapping of SmartCarry® in the rear only. This will prevent the strapping from riding up and showing above your belt line, which can happen when you're active. To keep your backup magazine/speed loader from seating too deeply in the tactical reload pocket, making retrieval difficult, use some cloth in the bottom of the pocket or safety pins. Use this same technique if you're carrying a smaller handgun in a larger holster. You want the entire trigger guard covered inside the holster pocket. For a quick draw, the grip should be above (or out of) the pocket.


If you have to relieve yourself, carrying a SmartCarry® does not prohibit you from using a urinal in the normal manner! If you find that your firearm is blocking your access to the fly, use your thumb and index finger to move the holster to the right or left and access the fly with any of your remaining fingers. Then release the firearm, proceed as usual. The side of your hand will keep the firearm out of your way. You can also grasp the barrel/slide of the firearm with your weak hand, through your trousers, and simply move it to your left/right for easy access to the fly. From personal experience, I can tell you this works very well, does not take any longer than normal and I carry a full size M1911A-1. Tip: Practice a few runs in the privacy of your home before you carry in public!


If you have to sit down to relieve yourself, it works like this, and there is never a need to remove SmartCarry®, or even your firearm, unless you're defending yourself! When you lower (or lift) your outer garment, simply move SmartCarry® up until it rides around your lower chest. When finished, move SmartCarry® down to its original position on your hips, pull up (or lower) your outer garment and be on your way.


To draw when seated, leaning back makes this a lot simpler. If seated in a vehicle, wearing a seat belt and shoulder strap, push your gut forward against the seat belt while leaning back in the seat and slide your strong hand in your waistband, grasp the grip of the firearm and pull straight up. Similar to what you have to do if you need to retrieve your wallet at a toll booth. Practice this a few times (always with an unloaded gun!) and you'll be surprised at how easy it is to draw your firearm while seated.


Machine wash only in a closed washing bag to prevent damage. For maximum holster life, hand wash in warm water, blot between towels, hang to air dry. Remember that dryer high heat will damage the elastic. Since body perspiration does not normally reach SmartCarry®, frequent washing is not required. Sandwiched between clothing, the holster is protected from dirt and stains.

WARNING! The producer and dealer disclaim any liability from use of SmartCarry® products. With your purchase, you understand and agree with this Statement.

WARRANTY: Made only in America. SmartCarry® materials and labor are warranted for one full year from date of purchase. If a defect appears in your SmartCarry® product, simply email to activate a return for repair or replacement. Please include your order number and pictures in your e-mail explaining the issue.