About Us

This company was founded on a true passion for self protection and defense. My name is Erin and I would like to share my story with you.

In 2007, my husband and I were dating and he had just left for a seven-month deployment with the Navy. I was working for a window manufacturer and my job was to visit architects throughout the state of Florida. Early one morning around 7:30am, on my way to a convention in Orlando, I answered nature's call and pulled into a rest stop. I noticed a sign that said this rest stop had onsite security and felt slightly better about my safety even though I didn't see any other cars in the parking lot. This property had two large buildings designated for men and women.

As I walked to the women's building I started to feel less comfortable and more vulnerable. So I quickly went to the first of about 20 stalls and did my business as fast as humanly possible. I had an overwhelming feeling that somebody was going to walk in. While I was washing my hands a middle-aged man who stood about 6' 3" walked in. There was an entrance door and right next to it an exit door. When he walked in he stepped directly in front of the exit door with his back to the door and commented, "Oh, ha! It looks like I walked into the women's building." My reply, "No shit!" With wet, soapy hands I sprinted directly toward the exit and plowed into this tree of a man. He was clearly caught off guard and stepped back, opening the door with his step. I ran out and to my car like my life depended on it.

From the safety of my car, I watched as he exited the building and did a full circle around the women's building. He never went into the men's building. I sat, adrenaline flowing like a river, trying to wrap my head around what just transpired. As I drove off the property, I noticed the security guard at the farthest end of the parking lot, in the most remote area, sitting like a useless bag of poop.

When I told my boyfriend about my experience, he demanded that I sign up for the concealed carry class that I had been putting off, and start carrying a gun once my license came in. I was very apprehensive at first but I knew I needed to do it. The class I took was wonderful and gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to take the first step. I have been legally carrying ever since and haven't looked back.

My heart still races when I tell this story. I will never forget how close I came to being a statistic. What were his intentions? I don't really know but I do know that he had the upper hand. Had I hesitated even a second, this could have had a very different ending.

It is my goal to educate and empower women to be proactive in protecting themselves. It becomes even more challenging as we raise young families. You cannot rely on someone else to step in and save the day. Please consider doing SOMETHING to give yourself an edge over a would-be attacker.

Although I prefer to carry a firearm, I'm aware that many women aren't there yet. The majority of my friends and family tell me they want to do it but they don't feel comfortable. My advice to you is to take the first step and sign up for a firearm safety class geared toward women. Bring some girlfriends along and make a day of it! You may even come to find that shooting can be pretty fun too.

Sending 2nd Amendment love and safety to you all! #CarryOn