Cameleon Neptune Concealed Carry Handbag

  • $129.99

We are pleased to bring you the latest in our Concealed Carry line for the Fall of 2019. The Cameleon Neptune combines the sophistication of a classic style and the practicality of a concealed carry bag, bringing the Neptune to brighten your day. We designed this bag for the fashion-conscious woman that is always on the go. Featured in Peach, the Neptune is also available in Midnight Black and is a New Release from Cameleon Bags.

The Neptune has an individual CCW compartment on the back, resting closest to your body when worn. It has a double tab, zipper closure and full, 270* access. The zipper's double tab design allows you to open the compartment as much or as little as you want. The CCW compartment is padded, with velcro lining on the inner side and come equipped with a padded holster with velcro on either side to allow you to personalize the placement within the pocket for maximum comfort and confident while carrying.

Bag Measurements: Height 10" Width 13" Depth  

Concealed Carry Compartment: Height: 8" Width 9" Full Access

Handle: 5.5" Fit

Strap Measurements: Min Length: 30" Max Length 50"

Access Type: Rear, Ambidextrous Zipper CCW Compartment 270" Zipper Access