Why I Choose Glock For My Everyday Carry (EDC)

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My husband is a senior Naval officer. I can’t tell you how many conversations we have that involve technical acronyms related to work and his many hobbies. He doesn’t just skim the surface when he’s explaining something to me. He goes deep into the mechanics and inner workings to give me a better understanding and to effectively communicate his point. Among his passions and hobbies are all things guns, hunting, fishing and reloading. 

He raves about Glock. He originally introduced me to it while going deep into detail about how versatile and reliable it is. His favorite attribute is the fact that the frame is the same across calibers. He stresses the importance of developing muscle memory while training with 3 different guns that all share the same frame. It’s like driving a Ford Expedition every day and then going on vacation and renting the Expedition EL. It feels the same, you know where everything is and it’s familiar.

The main points about Glock that make it the perfect EDC handgun:

  • It’s a stable platform
  • It’s reliable
  • It’s a safe action, streamlined pistol with all internal parts – no hammer
  • It’s highly modifiable
  • It’s versatile with a singular point frame shared across many calibers – both NATO and exotic
  • It’s durable
  • It offers high-visibility sights - like Trijicon and TRUGLO
  • It’s consumer driven - people were constantly sending slides out to be customized and Glock listened to the demand and now builds it out as an option
  • Its parts are interchangeable – he refers to Glock as Red-neck NATO and the pickup up truck of the gun industry
  • All parts are easily accessible and virtually all gun stores carry not only the firearms but also the parts
  • Less upkeep and maintenance and parts to be cleaned because of the Cerakote finish and sleek design
  • It’s an excellent weapon for the price point

Glock Everyday Carry

Although my 43 isn’t the same frame as the aforementioned Glocks, it shares all of their other great qualities, while appealing to some of my personal preferences for weight, size, trigger pull and recoil…AND is darn right sexy. It’s the perfect combination of form and function. Holding 6 + 1 rounds provides greater concealability and 2 rounds more than a comparable revolver. Not to mention, it’s quicker to reload, God forbid I ever need to. Having experience with compact Glocks such as his 19, 23 and the subcompact 27, I was thrilled when Glock FINALLY introduced a slim, sleek and single-stack 9mm (Glock 43…aka my girl!). It was as if they designed it for me. You know you married an All-American when you get this fine piece of craftsmanship as an anniversary present. When he was calling around looking for one I thought for sure he was adding one more to HIS collection. I had no idea it was going to be mine. I was reluctant to retire my HK P2000SK to be my house piece because it had been with me for so long and was a wedding present from my father-in-law (#Merica). My HK has a very special place in my heart but was giving me shoulder and neck pain when carrying in my purse. The Glock 43 has been a dream for the last three years because of ergonomics, as fits perfectly in my hand. It is lightweight and it fits in all of my concealed carry handbags

In short, with the Cerakote finish and polymer frame it’s a low-maintenance, yet highly reliable sidearm. It has less parts to get snagged when drawing from the inside waistband holster (IWB) or concealed carry handbag. I know I can fire it (at least once) while still in my purse. By the way, with a police report, we offer a free replacement on your handbag (purchased through Carry Like A Girl) if you ever have to shoot through it.

There are dozens of other options for different makes, models and calibers. This is just one gal’s 2 cents. I’d love to hear your take. Carry on!

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