What Do You Do If Cornered And Defenseless?

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If this isn't your first time to the Carry Like A Girl website, you may have read the About Us page and learned why I'm so passionate about women's safety. I found myself in a terrifying situation where I was alone in a very isolated rest stop in the women's bathroom when a man walked in. Without telling the entire story again, I will instead ask you what you would do if you found yourself defenseless and cornered.

You're in a room with only one exit and a threat suddenly blocks your only path to freedom.

  • Does your gut tell you to run farther into the room to buy more time and create space between you and your would-be attacker?


  • Without hesitation, do you boldly take the danger head on, in an attempt to get closer to the exit?

I chose the latter and was lucky to avoid any conflict but it doesn't always turn out like that. Your chances of surviving an attack are far greater if you you choose to fight instead of retreat. This is the same advice the military and police have been sharing regarding active shooter scenarios.

Don't accept your situation and give up. Never give in. Always fight.

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