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I used to think that, as a woman, if I had to use my firearm to save my life or defend my family that it would be a no-brainer that I was innocent. These days, I feel that I would have a target on my back and used to blast across the media. It's terrifying. I recently got a US Concealed Carry Platinum membership for myself and my husband (very inexpensive to add a spouse).


Even if found innocent and determined an act of self-defense, the civil court could cause a world of trouble financially in legal fees, etc. The USCCA offers self-defense liability insurance and amazing resources and opportunities for training.


A family member recently asked me if they should wait to get a USCCA membership once they have their concealed carry permit. I simply asked them if someone broke into their home, threatening their life or the safety of their family, what would they do. They answered honestly and quickly and signed up with USCCA.


That is exactly why I became a USCCA Affiliate. Protection is my passion, whether I want others to be protected physically, mentally or legally.

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