Afraid No More

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Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered scared and teary, I wondered what could make me cheery. Then I realized all along, the happiness I'd plum forgot, was really more a thing than not. 'Twas a right to have the safety, that which was fought and won. Some think that right is not right, but that it's wrong to have a gun.

Over wine and cheese my love and I, speak of those who tell the lie, that some rich and famous shout about. They say the good should do without, and the evil ones who lurk about will have access nevermore. When the devil comes a knocking, what good is a phone to save the day? I stand strong and at the ready to take aim without delay. To the evil I proclaim, "I WILL go where I choose and my safety I shall NOT lose. You do not control my life or bring fear upon MY door."

Quote the lady, afraid no more!
afraid no more

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