Active Shooter Training With A.L.I.C.E.

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This is a HOT topic these days. My husband and I recently attended an A.L.I.C.E. training at our son's school. It stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. After doing this training, it blows my mind that this is not in every school, church, hospital, business,  government office and community center across America! Forget lockdown only, while waiting in terror to see if the killer chooses YOUR door to kick down. ALICE training teaches the attendees how to respond in an active killer situation, regardless of the venue or weapon of choice.

In the beginning of the training, which is often conducted by local law enforcement, they show you statistics on mass shootings, where some victims did nothing but hide under tables (traditional lockdown) versus those who did ANYTHING to stop, slow down or take down the killer. The fatality rate plummets when you do anything and everything but freeze. They say do something, even if it's wrong.

Now, I'm not talking about bringing guns into the school. That's a completely separate topic and not one I'm discussing here. I've spoken to administrators who believe in placing a heavy focus on prevention by monitoring students and social media. I'm all for it. However, this training deals with addressing the threat if it makes it beyond any preventative measures and comes knocking on your door.

The ALICE training I attended had mostly parents in the audience but some kids joined as well. It's about three hours long and gets pretty intense. I wouldn't bring kids unless they're mature enough to not only sit through a class this long but also able to process the seriousness of what's being taught. It is a hands-on experience. You will be taken through real scenarios. If the mere thought of this makes you nauseous, I recommend eating something before you go. There will be a lot of adrenaline pumping throughout this training. 

There are times when those being targeted in an active killer situation must act together to take the attacker down. This training does not promise to eliminate injury or death. Death and injury are likely. It is an awful reality. What this training DOES do is minimize fatalities greatly. Educators must come on board and take a look at this very seriously. Refusing to do so, and sticking their heads in the sand will most likely result in a fish in a barrel situation with a far greater fatality rate than utilizing the techniques taught in this great program.

By the way, it's FREE.

Even if you think you don't agree with it, find an event near you and go ask questions. Ask the officers why they're teaching these methods.

Do you know a school administrator, business executive, pastor, government official, community center director etc? PASS THIS ON TO THEM! I didn't even know this existed until our school offered it. Chances are, they don't know about it either.

Visit the following for A.L.I.C.E. Training Resources

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